SUNSED 500 g/m²

Protección solar

SUNSED 500 g/m²

A technical fabric made from PVC with a base fabric made from 100% high tenacity polyester yarn. One of its main features is its excellent breathability (thanks to a textile construction that generates minute irregular perforations) along with its ability to filter ultraviolet rays.

Its appearance gives the canvas a cutting-edge aesthetic that is permeable to vision without detracting from its purpose as a sunshade. The SUNSED canvas lowers the temperature of the shaded area by several degrees compared to other types of technical fabrics used for sun protection.

Technical features

Base material

Base material

100% PES
Yarn count

Yarn count

1100 dtex
Type of coating

Type of coating



Brillant laqué acrylique 2 faces

Available colors and sample

We have a wide range of carefully-chosen colours in a matt finish that fulfil all kinds of aesthetic needs in both domestic  and commercial settings, such as awnings, pergolas, arbours, shaded areas, curtains, screens, etc. This product  is Flame Retardant certified (FRc) which includes  reaction-to-fire classifications such as M2, CL2 and T2.


Roll slitting

Metered rolls

Customized colours

Phtalate free

Customized widths




Especificaciones técnicas

The information provided corresponds to average values of a newly manufactured product with a tolerance range of +/- 10% which is provided as an indication and guidance only, without any legal binding.

The values provided refer to the original status of the goods sent before processing or handling by the customer. For technical reasons there may be slight variations during production, as well as slight color alterations, the RAL references are only indicative. The customer as owner of the design must check the aptitude and compatibility of the product for the intended use before proceeding with its processing or elaboration.

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Industrial SEDÓ


We are manufacturers of coated technical fabrics for all types of sectorial applications with a guarantee of up to 10 years.

We manufacture high quality technical fabrics, we market and distribute them all over the world. Since 1889 Our mission is to adapt new textile technologies to the current world, improving safety, aesthetic, acoustic and environmental comfort. Our values, quality, honesty and customer service.

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